Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel & Capital Resource Counsel

The Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel Project (FDPRCP) is a program of the Defender Services Office of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AOUSC) designed to assist the federal courts, federal defenders, and appointed counsel in connection with matters relating to the defense function in federal capital cases at the trial level. Capital Resource Counsel (CRC) serve as full-time assistant federal defenders with the principal responsibility of focusing on federal capital cases assigned to federal defender organizations, including training their staff, consulting on cases, and serving as co-counsel in a limited number of cases.

Since early 1992, the Project has monitored all federal death penalty cases and has collected information which might be useful to both lawyers and judges involved in federal capital cases. The Project assists trial counsel with telephone consultation, identification of experts, mitigation specialists and investigators, legal research, drafting pleadings, instructions, and on-site assistance before and during capital trials. The Project is also available to respond to inquiries from the courts regarding the defense function in federal capital prosecutions. The Project has also been involved with:

  • identification and recruitment of defense counsel "learned in the law applicable to capital cases" for possible appointment under 18 U.S.C. Section 3005;
  • assisting the Defender Services Office, AOUSC, in responding to judicial inquiries concerning the defense function, case management, and case budgeting in federal capital cases;
  • development of capital litigation training programs and materials to assist federal defenders and court-appointed private counsel;
  • responding to Congressional inquiries directed to the federal defender system concerning proposed capital punishment legislation, and
  • maintaining a liaison between the federal public defender system and the Department of Justice regarding the administration of federal death penalty statutes.
Name & Address Contact Numbers & Email
Judy Clarke
180 Broadway, Suite 1800
San Diego, California 92101
(619) 279-3804
Fax: (619) 243-7386
E-mail: judyclarke@cjtrlaw.com
Matthew Rubenstein
Capital Resource Counsel Project
101 SW Main Street, Suite 1700
Portland, Oregon 97204-3225
(503) 780-3535
E-mail: matt_rubenstein@fd.org
Marc Bookman
Atlantic Center for Capital Representation
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 905
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
(215) 805-9341
E-mail: marcbookman12@gmail.com
Cristina Bordé
33 E Main Street, Suite 460
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
(415) 786-1879
E-mail: cristinaborde@gmail.com
Julie Brain
916 South 2nd Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
(267) 639-0417
E-mail: juliebrain1@yahoo.com
David I. Bruck
(540) 460-8178
E-mail: bruckd@wlu.edu
Michael N. Burt
Law Office of Michael Burt
1100 Brannan Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, California 94103-4888
(415) 250-4541
Fax: (415) 522-1506
E-mail: mb@michaelburtlaw.com
Ashwin Cattamanchi, CRC
c/o Federal Public Defender
440 Louisiana St, Suite 1350
Houston, Texas 77002
(858) 356-2374
E-mail: Ashwin_Cattamanchi@fd.org
Rachelle Chattin, CRC Paralegal
Federal Public Defender
100 Chestnut Street, Third Floor
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101
(502) 682-8481
E-mail: rachelle_chattin@fd.org
Mark Donatelli
P.O. Box 8180
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504
(505) 690-0292
Fax: (505) 982-0307
E-mail: mhd@rothsteinlaw.com
Teri Duncan
Duncan Earnest LLC
P.O. Box 2769
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504
(505) 710-6586
E-mail: teri@duncanearnest.com
David Freedman, Mental Health Consultant
P.O. Box 205
New York, New York 10276
(917) 848-4589
E-mail: df2379@gmail.com
Debra Garvey, CRC Mitigation Specialist
Federal Public Defender
1601 5th Avenue, Suite 700
Seattle, Washington 98110
(213) 364-3938
E-mail: deb_garvey@fd.org
Tanya Greene, CRC and Training Director
Federal Defenders of New York
One Pierrepont Plaza, 16th Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(917) 635-0941
Fax: (718) 855-0760
E-mail: Tanya_Greene@fd.org
Lisa Greenman
3925 Morrison Street, NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20015
E-mail: greenmanlisa@gmail.com
Anthony Haughton, CRC
c/o Federal Public Defender, Southern District of Texas
440 Louisiana Street, Suite 1350
Houston, Texas 77002-1634
(832) 287-9548
E-mail: anthony_haughton@fd.org
Richard Jasper
224 West 30th Street, Suite 302
New York, New York 10016
(917) 331-7552
E-mail: ricjasp@aol.com
Anna Louise Jeno, CRC Paralegal
Capital Resource Counsel Project
101 SW Main Street, Suite 1700
Portland, Oregon 97204-3225
(503) 715-7389
E-mail: anna_jeno@fd.org
Don Knight
7852 S. Elati Street, Suite 205
Littleton, Colorado 80120
(720) 934-7064
E-mail: don@dknightlaw.com
Kristina Leslie, CRC
c/o Federal Public Defender
6411 Ivy Lane, Suite 710
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770
(571) 449-7056
E-mail: Kristina_Leslie@fd.org
Robert Lominack, Website Administrator
2814 Heyward Avenue
Columbia, South Carolina 29205
(803) 351-0436
E-mail: robert@robertlominack.com
Kevin M. McNally
Post Office Box 1243
Frankfort, Kentucky 40602
(502) 320-1839
E-mail: kmcnally@dcr.net
Steve Potolsky
PO Box 50973
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250
(305) 335-5539
E-mail: stevepo@bellsouth.net
Cathleen Price
PO Box 321762
New York, New York 10032
(334) 221-0470
E-mail: cathleen.price@gmail.com
Melissa Read, Administrator
Capital Resource Counsel Project
100 Chestnut Street, Third Floor
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101
(505) 363-2547
E-mail: Melissa_Read@fd.org
Anthony Ricco
20 Vesey Street
New York, New York 10007
(212) 791-3919
Fax: (212) 964-2926
E-mail: tonyricco@aol.com
David Ruhnke
Ruhnke and Barrett
47 Park Street
Montclair, New Jersey 07042
(973) 744-1000
Fax: (973) 746-1490
E-mail: davidruhnke@ruhnkeandbarrett.com
Billy Sothern
Law Office of William M. Sothern
1024 Elysian Fields Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117
(504) 524-7922
E-mail: billy@sothernlaw.com
Kimberly Stevens, CRC
Capital Resource Counsel Project
1070-1 Tunnel Road, Suite 10 #215
Asheville, North Carolina 28805
(336) 575-4337
Fax: (336) 788-3836
E-mail: kim_stevens@fd.org
Jackie Walsh
Walsh & Larranaga
140 Lakeside Ave., #A-338
Seattle, Washington 98122
(206) 325-7900
Fax: (206) 322-4305
E-mail: jackie@jamlegal.com