Rachelle Chattin

Lavon “Rachelle” Chattin joined the Capital Resource Counsel Project in May of 2022. Prior to that, since February of 1993, Ms. Chattin worked closely with Kevin McNally and the Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel Project. (Mr. McNally served as the FDPRCP project director until 2018). Ms. Chattin has over 31 years of work experience as the primary paralegal for the FDPRCP. Ms. Chattin has an unparalleled knowledge and familiarity with case litigation, procedural histories, and case outcomes of federal capital prosecutions brought during the modern federal death penalty era. She was responsible for gathering, entering, and updating relevant case data into the Federal Capital Trial Projects’ federal capital case database from its inception and overseeing its ongoing maintenance and development. Ms. Chattin also has extensive experience with budget management and analysis, accounting and contracting, compensation and benefits management, and management of property. She worked with the AOUSC Training Branch to provide administrative assistance and planning for Federal Capital Trial Project training programs. And Ms. Chattin has served as the primary case paralegal on numerous federal capital defense teams.