Don Knight

Don Knight is a 1982 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Law in private practice in Littleton, Colorado. Since 2001, his practice has had an emphasis on federal death penalty trials and he has acted as learned counsel for many defendants charged with death-eligible offenses. Mr. Knight was part of the defense team that obtained a life-verdict after trial for Rudy Sablan, who had been accused of the murder and evisceration of his cell-mate in a federal penitentiary in 1999. He was learned counsel for Samuel Stone, who was charged with the homicide of an inmate in a federal penitentiary in 2003, and also for Joseph Cabrera Sablan, who was charged with the murder of a federal prison guard in 2008. After extensive litigation, both cases were deauthorized and settled with life pleas in 2015. He currently acts as learned counsel for David Hammer, a former federal death row inmate who is accused of killing another inmate at USP Tucson in 2015; for Israel Rivas Gomez, who is alleged to be an MS13 gang member and is charged with a homicide in California; and for Richard Glossip, as one of two pro bono attorneys on the innocence team, in an attempt to stop his execution by the state of Oklahoma. Mr. Knight is also a Program Attorney with the Mexican 6 Capital Legal Assistance Program (MCLAP). As such he advises defense teams for Mexican nationals charged with death-eligible offenses in state and federal courts across the country.